What information is held by us

Focus groups are made up of specific criteria. The details you give on the registration page are all relevant to see if you fit a broad requirement prior to asking further questions directly relating to the subject .

Can you request to know what we hold

At anytime you can request to know what data we hold on you. At anytime you can unsubscribe from our database and we will delete your information.

What information is given to our client’s

When you agree to do a focus group or project for us typically there are questions relevant to the subject, which we will ask you on the phone. It’s standard practice to give your mobile number to them so they can contact you if you are late or having trouble finding the research venue.

Private information

Sometimes we have projects that involve private issue’s such as medical research. This information is not put on our database.

Data control

We are registered data controller’s and as such are not allowed to sell our database or pass on your details to any third party other than for the specific project you have volunteered to take part in. We hold your data for 5 years.

How secure is your information

Your data is held securely in the following ways

Our website is SSL certified. Locally your information is stored on password enabled computers. We have no other employees or department’s so your data is only dealt with by company directors.


The only exception to us keeping your data private is if we are required to do so by law (for example if required to do so by court order). We do our best to protect the personal data once we have received it, however as with any online service over the internet it (the data) is sent at your own risk.


The MRS is the governing body in the research field. They have codes of best practice and here are their guideline’s which we adhere to. They are things that safeguard our business and in turn your data.

  • Don’t use the same password for everything
  • Back up the data to different sources
  • Beware of phone scammers offering services indicating they have found a problem with your computer
  • Password protect sensitive documents
  • Don’t provide more personal information than is justified for the purpose
  • Don’t open links in email from unfamiliar sources
  • Make sure your broadband network is passworded to prevent unauthorised access to your wifi


Our business is open to people of all ages but parental consent is now required under GDPR if you are under 16. You can see more about consent on our consent page.